Working Papers

-“Oligopolies with Contingent Workforce and Unemployment Insurance Systems”, with  Akio Matsumoto and Ferenc Szidarovszky.

-“A Unified Model of binary Choiches in Groups: From Rumors Spreading to Traffic Congestion”, with Gian-Italo Bischi.

-“Organizations as Allocators of Human and Material Resources”, presented at “The Law, Economics, and Organizations Seminars”, Harvard University,   April 7, 2003.

-“Modular Pyramidal Hierarchies and Social Norms. An Agent Based Model.” with Arianna Dal Forno.

-“Minority Stakeholdings as an Anti-Competitive Device” with Carmelo Salleo, presented at “International Industrial Organization Conference”, Boston, April  4-5, 2003.

-“The term structure of interest rates: an algebraic model and axiomatic approach to arbitrage” with Salvador Cruz Rambaud, presented at the 5th Italian-Spanish Conference on Financial Mathematics, Valencia,  June 20-22 2002.

-“NPV and ROE Decision Making in Cournot Competition” presented at FUR X, Turin May 30 – June 2, 2001, and at the5th Italian-Spanish Conference on Financial Mathematics, Valencia, June 20-22, 2002.