Welcome to the world of simple explanation

Let’s face it, the world is complicated. simpleshow has been making complex things simple since 2008. Are you ready for more clarity and simplicity so that everyone can understand your message?

Our mission and vision

A world without knowledge barriers

We believe that a world without knowledge barriers is a better place to work and live. Backed by scientific findings and years of experience, the simpleshow platforms helps you explain any topic in an easy to understand way.

The power of simplicity

The power of simplicity is always at the heart of every simpleshow. A good explainer video manages to explain your complex topic in less than three minutes with the help of storytelling and comprehensible images.

Create a personalized video experience

It is important to us that everyone can create explainer videos without any previous experience. It should be, of course, simple! Artificial intelligence does the hard work for you and we even have a team of creative experts to help with special projects.

Success is a journey, not a destination


The company is founded by three young media school graduates. They have one idea in mind: explaining complex topics in simple and engaging videos that everyone can understand. Using a white table, a camera, and two hands moving cut-out illustrations, simpleshow explainer videos are born.
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simpleshow opens offices in Berlin, London, Singapore and Hong Kong and soon becomes the international market leader for the production of explainer videos. simpleshow works with some of the most prestigious companies across the globe to transform their business communications.
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We launch our interactive product line and now offer interactive eLearnings in addition to explainer videos. With the combination of storytelling and interactivity, learning is fun!


simpleshow opens its US office in Miami, FL, and a Japan office in Tokyo. We service clients in more than 40 countries from our 10 offices on 3 continents. To support free and accessible knowledge sharing around the world, simpleshow foundation is founded.


We release the first beta version of our simpleshow video maker, at that time still under the name “mysimpleshow”. The idea: anyone can create concise, motivating, and memorable explainer videos without any special prior knowledge.


simpleshow provides schools with free “Classroom” offer. Up to 50 students can create joint video projects that promote their creativity and teamwork.
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simpleshow is transforming into a platform for digital products and services around explainer videos. The artificial intelligence of the SaaS solution, simpleshow video maker, supports you in creating a professional explainer video with the click of a button.
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You can now create videos in more than 20 languages. simpleshow video maker thus contributes to better communication of companies that operate globally.


We introduce a new smart illustration style that you can customize to fit your corporate identity. Along with individual backgrounds, color, and more diverse illustrations, the customization options are endless.


Introducing a wide range of new features: the AI Story Generator, one-click translations, more dynamic motion animations, and a new collaboration interface.

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