Effective stakeholder communication: Getting buy-in for new ideas

Are you working towards implementing a new tool or introducing a new innovative idea? Getting stakeholder buy-in is a crucial step in the successful realization of your project. Use this guide to learn how video can help secure stakeholder support.

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This guide will help you:

Get every stakeholder group from upper management to team members to understand and support your ideas
Understand the objections of the different stakeholder groups and how to turn them around by using different communication tools
Bridge the gap between idea and realization by utilizing effective communication

Make your ideas happen with effective stakeholder communication

Getting decision makers on board for a new project might seem like a challenging task for every manager. Clearly presenting the value of the idea, managing risks and expectations, turning abstract concepts into actionable items, and aligning team views are some of the obstacles that people in innovation departments face. Effective communication is key in securing everyone’s buy-in and transforming an idea into reality.

This guide will help you navigate through the different objections every stakeholder group might have and provide you with effective communication tools and frameworks along the way. Deliver precise objectives and set clear expectations with the power of visual storytelling and simplification.

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