Innovative approaches to training: Harnessing the power of video technology

Learn how to address the needs of the new generation of employees with contemporary and innovative training methods.

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What you'll learn

The role of L&D in the modern work landscape
Three innovative training methods that will revolutionize your L&D department
How videos support the learning process and the path to an innovative learning environment
Practical application for video in emerging L&D trends

The future of L&D is now

The future is digital, flexible, and technology-driven. In times of rapid AI development, employee turnover, and competitive talent landscapes, employees’ needs are changing. Priorities are shifting and there is now a need to have a more human-centric environment and career development opportunities.

L&D departments play a critical role in employee success. L&D professionals need to be innovative, agile, and flexible so they can create a more supportive learning environment where the employees thrive. Which learning approaches can adequately address the needs of the new generation of employees? What role is video playing in the L&D landscape, and how are training professionals shaping the new learning culture? Find the answers to these questions and more in our e-book – and get practical tips on implementing video and innovation in your L&D strategy!

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