Tips on How Training Videos Can Help Businesses and Employees

Nowadays we are watching a highly competitive atmosphere for recruitment of top talent. If you can have a good employee training and development program in place, it will set you apart for your industry. However, training and development are not just useful for the recruitment of the right people, they are useful for keeping the employees as well. It also means a growth in profit for your organization. Most of the learning and development professionals agree that employee development is at the top of all executive team’s minds. But there are several challenges involved in it. Using training videos is one of the effective methods for team development. Here are some reasons why.

1. Keeps the costs down

training videos - keeps the cost down

Most of the money spent on in-person training is spent on instructor time and traveling costs than the actual training material. When you are using videos, there is likely no additional expenses for providing the training. All you need to do is press the play button. The employees do not have to travel either. They can just watch the explainer videos related to training and development from their desks. Apart from these cost-saving benefits, also, if you are investing in training videos you can use the videos continuously. You can also use explainer video tools to help you edit your videos quickly and efficiently. Explainer videos make the perfect choice for training your employees as you provide the best explanation about any topic while staying on a budget.

2. It is a versatile medium

Video is a versatile medium. It is possible to use several different styles such as whiteboard, stop-motion, animation, live-action, etc. There is also a range of different ways of telling the story to get your message across. Videos are also flexible in their purpose. You can find examples of explainer videos online.

In the case of employee training videos, they may, for example, be used for:

  • Introduction of new products and services.
  • Onboarding.
  • Demonstration of new software or systems.
  • Continual professional development.
  • Improvement in customer service and other business skills.
  • When you embrace videos in your employee training program you will get a library of visual resources that can be referred to for a range of purposes. You can learn core business skills without having an MBA for engineers or attending conventional business schools. You can use training videos to develop the required skills.

    3. Promotes engagement

    After the invention of visual media, the discovery has been on top of everyone’s list as a form of entertainment. “Why to read a book when you can see the film?” was the attitude of everyone. The fact is that everyone loves to watch videos more than reading. According to a recent survey, more than 75% of the employees are more likely to watch the explainer video rather than reading emails, documents, and articles on the internet. Here the bottom line is, if you are looking to engage your employees for the training you will have to make it more interesting. Videos, especially explainer videos, are more likely to maintain their focus compared to classroom lectures and text documents.

    4. Better retention

    trainign videos - better retention

    After you have allocated time and budget for the team training you need to ensure that they will remember all the things they have learned. Unfortunately, the fact is that after 7 days of training any average employee would only remember 5% of the lessons covered. After 6 months of training, this number reduces 0%. But, when you pair the visuals together with the learning info, the employee retention levels will rise to an impressive 65%. So, the videos are in reality easier to remember than compared to other training material. Keep in mind that people are just likely to remember 20% of what they have read while they are likely to remember 80% of what they see.


    So, now that you are aware of all the great reasons for using videos for your employee training and development, you will be ready and excited to begin working on creating some of the explainer videos yourself. However, you will need to keep some aspects of this in mind first. You will have to think about what style will be most suitable for this explainer video? What areas of the subject do you need to focus on? And generally, what will make it a good training video? Luckily you can find many online guides for this. These guides are filled with a ton of info about developing training videos for your employees. They will also include examples and case studies.

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